Shouldn’t We Simply Ignore Singer-Songwriters?


Hi Friends:

Do we really need singer-songwriters?

Can’t we simply ignore them so that they disappear?

The world would certainly be a lot more quiet without them — so quiet, though, that you’d be able to turn on your favorite music radio station and hear nothing but dead air interspersed with the occasional talking commercial — and that half-time show at the Superbowl would be as exciting as watching paint dry on a cold winter’s day.

Nevertheless, in some school districts, when budgets get tight it’s deemed acceptable to eliminate music education.

So how important is it, really, for us to devote any energy to nurture singer-songwriters so that they can thrive?


If it’s acceptable to you to dispense with music education in schools and allow singer-songwriters to disappear like dinosaurs, the content on this Web page is of no interest to you.

On the other hand, if you regard the sound of music and great songs, and the self-expression of those who create them for us, as essential and indispensable prerequisites for life on planet Earth, please keep reading.

For the past 7 years, Alive with Clive has been shining the spotlight on today’s top emerging and established singer-songwriters.

One mission of Alive with Clive is to provide a platform for our top singer-songwriters, who I regard as a national treasure, to be seen, heard, recognized, loved, revered and appreciated.

They in turn inspire those with a passion to perform songs to become outstanding singer-songwriters too.

Here’s a slide from Lesson 8 of a course I created for potential corporate sponsors a couple of years ago:


Whenever any major tragedy in the world occurs, whenever vast amounts of money are needed to be raised quickly for a worthy cause, whenever a community needs to heal from a major loss, it is the singer-songwriters with their lyrics and melodies who show up to provide their magic and generate the money.

And in joyful times, it is the singer-songwriters who invite fans to their gigs so that their fans can be entertained; experience joy; be touched, moved and inspired; get acquainted; network; and develop personal and business friendships for life.

As a key voice for today’s top singer-songwriters, Alive with Clive is committed not only to continue to provide the platform it provides for today’s top singer-songwriters, but to kick up what it does for them several notches to a whole new level, so that the singer-songwriters who appear on the show experience a Quantum Leap in their music careers as a result of being on the show.

To see this mission of Alive with Clive in its proper context, here’s Lesson 8 from the course for potential corporate sponsors I created in March of 2014:

[More up-to-date information about Alive with Clive is available in the Year(s) in Review Blog post published on January 31, 2016, and available for you to see when you click here.]

For this mission of Alive with Clive to be accomplished, your support and participation are vital!

I have therefore created the Alive with Clive Crowdfunding Campaign of 2016 (“The AWC CFC16”) to obtain your support in a way that gives you value and benefits that far exceed any contribution you make.

Through your participation in the Campaign, you will thus also have the opportunity to experience a Quantum Leap in your life, not just in this Leap Year but in every year of your life from now on.

For the most benefit from this Crowdfunding Campaign to be realized and enjoyed for all who participate in it, however, it is essential that at least 300 people participate before March 19, 2016 in the manner I’ve outlined below in this Blog post.

So, if you too believe that we can’t ignore singer-songwriters, and must instead do whatever we can to nurture them so that they can:

(1) grow, develop and prosper;

(2) share their gifts to foster loving communities; and

(3) bring harmony and joy to the world;

please keep reading below to see how you too can participate in The Alive with Clive Crowdfunding Campaign of 2016 now.

Thank you!

The funds raised in The AWC CFC16 will be used to boost awareness of Alive with Clive in the global marketplace so that the singer-songwriters who are featured on the show become known and appreciated by many more people much faster.

Thus the funds raised in the Crowdfunding Campaign will be deployed to:

  • Fund the ongoing operations and upgrade the infrastructure of Alive with Clive;
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  • Create materials to attract the attention, interest and participation of potential corporate and celebrity sponsors;
  • Put in place the infrastructure for Alive with Clive Concerts for L.I.F.E. – sponsored concerts to benefit charities that promote Love, Inspiration, Fulfillment and Empowerment! – to feature singer-songwriters who’ve been guests on Alive with Clive;
  • Create additional Alive with Clive Top 20 compilations of 20 songs;
  • Fully introduce the system of awarding Points to Members of The Alive with Clive Global Community who participate in contests created by Alive with Clive;
  • Produce an inspirational annual Alive with Clive Calendar featuring quotes from the lyrics of the 12 singer-songwriters whose shows have received the most plays on Vimeo – to be distributed as gifts to customers of salespeople at Fortune 500 companies, and to be made available on Amazon and in several other book and gift stores in the world; and
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    • Give additional exposure to singer-songwriters who appear on the show; and
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So this is what I have lined up for you in The AWC CFC16 . . .

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Thank you!

Best regards.


https://alivewithclive.tvcreating an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

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