Hello and Welcome:

The offers received to date to be a Sponsor of The FIRST Alive with Clive SuperStar Contest are shown in the Table below.

If you see an offer from a company that is a direct competitor in your specific industry, you may supersede that company’s offer by making a higher offer for a later Week in the Contest.  Your higher offer will be reflected the next time the Table below is updated.

You may sponsor the entire Contest for $150,000 or a higher amount if need be to supersede an offer to sponsor the entire Contest from another company.

The last day on which to submit offers is February 28, 2013.

If all Weeks are secured before February 28, 2013, offers for amounts higher than those reflected in the Table below to supersede earlier offers will be accepted.

To see the One-Page Sponsor Proposal for this Contest, click here.

Sponsorship Offers for The FIRST Alive with Clive SuperStar Contest

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