Talented and Engaging Singer-Songwriter Lillimure Gives Us “Something” to Believe in Her Even More!

Music fans who pay attention to emerging singer-songwriters are increasingly becoming attracted by the irresistible magnetism of Westchester, New York-based singer-songwriter Lillimure!

If you aren’t yet acquainted with her, you’ll soon discover that she exudes an infectious passion not just for her music but for life!

A go-getter with an amiable demeanor that is the perfect complement to her fierce determination, in September 2017 Lillimure released her debut EP, Canvas.

Lillimure Canvas CD Cover

In addition to the title track, “Canvas,” the EP includes her moving heart-wrenching post-breakup song, “Wake Up,” as well as “Cigarette Love,” a song that conveys the jarring emotional torment inherent in being addicted to an unsatisfying relationship.

This past January, she released the single, “WDYTM.” (See if you can solve the acronym . . . Hint: the T stands for Tease.)

Lillimure WDYTM Artwork

Then, in March, she released another single, “Something,” and recently posted a video of her performing “Something” with her band live on YouTube.

The single, "Something," by Singer-Songwriter Lillimure

In a recent interview on 80G Podcast, Lillimure mentioned that her main early musical influences included Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Joni Mitchell.

When you listen to “Something,” though, it’s quite possible that you too will be reminded of the sound of highly-acclaimed British singer-songwriter and Grammy Award winner, Corinne Bailey Rae, as well as popular Canadian singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara.


How to Achieve Success Fast At Last

As mentioned in an article by Joseph Timmons on IndiePulse Music, this is what Lillimure had to say about “Something”: 

This song was inspired by a series of events that made me feel helpless. It’s about finding what resonates with you the most to push through and knowing that there is an educational value to every situation. I hope this song can break the stigma about success — for every notable win, there are more unseen ‘losses’ and true success comes from overcoming the obstacles you face to do what you love.

Here’s the video clip of Lillimure performing “Something” with her band live:

Lillimure was on Alive with Clive during a break between semesters at Berklee College of Music in January 2018, and you’ll find the Blog post with the links to her two shows when you click here.

Also, here’s a snippet with lyrics from “Wake Up,” which she performed in her 2nd show on Alive with Clive:

As mentioned in the headline above, with the release of her latest single, Lillimure has most definitely given us “Something” to believe in her even more!

“Something” is the last of nine songs on Lillimure’s self-titled debut album, and you’ll find a review of her album when you click here.

Now, there’s a beautiful music video — released on November 20, 2020 — for “Something” too . . .

Follow @lillimure on Instagram to receive regular updates from her about her songs and shows, as well as news about the release of her upcoming self-titled debut album soon!

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