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Hello Friends:

The Alive with Clive New Shows Contest has now been introduced to accomplish these two objectives:

  1. To encourage viewers to engage more fully in watching shows featuring guests on Alive with Clive; and
  2. To give companies, authors or infopreneurs an opportunity to provide prizes to obtain more exposure for their products, services, books or courses.

When a new show is first posted for viewing on the Web site for Alive with Clive, it is placed on the Web page for the show for This Week on Alive with Clive, for which an ongoing different Contest already is in place.

That show is one of five shows that are available for viewing to anyone free.

The New Shows Contest will involve the remaining four shows that have not yet been placed in the Archives.

You will find the five shows referred to above in the big window on the Home Page.

Thus every week, one show will be removed from the four involved in the New Shows Contests to be placed in the Archives, and the show that was the show for This Week on Alive with Clive in the previous week will be added to the four involved in the ongoing New Shows Contest.

The prizes and time frames for this ongoing New Shows Contest will vary.

To start, the Prize is an Alive with Clive Mug and Mousepad, and these two items will be awarded in a drawing after the first 25 entries have been received.

Alive with Clive Mug and Mousepad
To administer the New Shows Contest, it is necessary to limit each participant to one entry per show and one entry per day.

Thus on each day over the course of four days, you may watch one of the four shows and submit one entry, and then submit an additional entry when a new show is added and one removed from the New Shows Contest.

If you represent a company and would like to obtain a lot of free additional exposure for a product or service the company provides by offering prizes for this New Shows Contest in the weeks ahead, or similarly if you are an author or infopreneur and would like to provide a book you wrote or course you created as a prize, please send an email to clive at (use @ for at with no spaces on either side), with the words “Prize for New Shows Contest” on the subject line.

Here is the form to submit your entry in the New Shows Contest: