The Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify Now Has More Than 70 Songs

The Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify was started on July 30, 2020.

It consists of the superb new songs from Alive with Clive alums.

Over the past several weeks, as new singles have been released, they have been added to the Playlist.

The Playlist includes only songs of singer-songwriters who’ve been guests on Alive with Clive.

Here is a brief video published on November 5, 2020 to celebrate the  milestone of reaching the first 40 songs on the Playlist:

With the recent addition in January and February, 2021, of new singles by Lia Menaker (“Bubble”); Chloe Collins (“Mind of Mine”); Greg Steinfeld (“Don’t Look Back” and “The One My Heart Beats For”); Paging Doctor Moon, a band started by Kirsten Heibert (“Haunted”); Tatiana Lima (“Sugar Baby”); Noah Evan Wilson (“The View from the Ground”); and Arielle Eden (“Polyannie”), the Alive with Clive Playlist now has more than 70 songs.

With some exceptions, the songs are mostly listed in chronological order, with newer songs added to the bottom of the list.

So far, while almost all the songs on the list have been released since July 30, 2020, the songs by Hanna Barakat on the Playlist are from her album, Siren, which was released on August 16, 2019.

In all likelihood, a few more songs released before July 30, 2020, will be added to the Playlist in the future.

Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify Video Thumbnail

While most playlists on Spotify relate to a specific genre, the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify includes songs in the variety of genres of the different singer-songwriters featured.

So, genres include singer-songwriter, acoustic, pop, r and b, rock and roll, heavy metal, folk, blues, funky soul and country.

This Playlist therefore is ideal for music aficionados who love to discover new music artists, no matter what their genre.

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The songs on the Playlist include seven by Chloe Collins, six by Melanie Bresnan and four each by Jodi Valentin, Arielle Eden, Craig Greenberg and Lia Menaker.

Singer-Songwriters with More Than 3 Songs on the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify

With new songs being released by Alive with Clive alums almost weekly, the number of songs on the Playlist will soon increase.

Here is the scrollable Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify:

Blog posts about songs on the Playlist will be published on this Web site in the weeks ahead.

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