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1.  “Heart Strings” by Irena Hart

2.  “Eden Will Bloom” by Tamra Hayden

3.  “Textual Healing” by Cassandra Kubinski

4.  “Just Being Myself” by Cassandra Kubinski

5.  “Windblown Girl” by Cassandra Kubinski

6.  “Alder Roads” by Dave Beck

7.  “Freakshow” by Jerry Cherry

8.  “Let’s Go” by Madi Diaz

9.  “Never Had You” by Natalie Gelman

10.  “Can’t Wait” by Alan Semerdjian

11.  “Contramano” by Contramano

12.  “I Don’t Blame You” by Lauren Zettler

13.  “Oneman” by Mayday Radio

14.  “Anchors” by Julia Price

15.  “Hero” by Annie Fitzgerald

16.  “Expectations” by Jensen Keets

17.  “Strong” (September 11th Tribute) by Jensen Keets

18.  “Young Love” by Natasha Alexandra (NLX)

19.  “Doing Time” by Jann Klose

20.  “Song for the Ocean” by Kristin Hoffmann

21.  “Wonderful Lie” by Paul Tabachneck

22.  “Jennifer” by Ashton Nyte

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