The Inaugural Alive with Clive Monthly Contest – Latest Update

Hello Friends:

A month has elapsed since I first announced the launch of The Inaugural Alive with Clive Monthly Contest on April 30, 2013, with the Blog post you’ll see when you click here.

Since then I have added five phenomenal Prizes to the list of Prizes available, and you can see them when you click here.

Here is a list of the six Prizes:

  1.  A Set of 4 Alive with Clive Mugs, including shipping, worth $120;
  2.  One month of unlimited yoga FREE from The Giving Tree Yoga Studio, worth $150;
  3.  A $300 discount on the branding, design and creation of a full Web site from Grassroots Consulting;
  4. A FREE one-hour photo shoot from Studio 7 Photography, NYC, worth $250;
  5. A magnificent string of beads and matching bracelet made with semi-precious gemstones from BeadZbyRoZ, worth $120; and
  6. A FREE one-hour in-home or office stress and tension relieving massage from Licensed Massage Therapist, Kathy Branch, worth $150.

In this Blog post, though, I have a major announcement, and that is that while it was originally my intention that no person could win more than one Prize, I am now converting the Contest into a Winner-Take-All Contest, which means that there will be ONLY ONE WINNER and that person will win ALL the Prizes, which are worth more than $1,000.

While I continue to remain open to receiving and providing more Prizes from any corporation or entrepreneur who would like to benefit from the immense additional publicity this Contest is going to generate in the next couple of months, the total number of Prizes in this Inaugural Alive with Clive Monthly Contest will not exceed ten.

In addition, over the past month I have had an opportunity to gauge just how much effort is required to create and implement this Contest, and so for the foreseeable future, it is going to be a bimonthly Contest.

[As an interesting aside, I looked up the meaning of the word “bimonthly” in my Webster’s Dictionary, and this is what it says:

1: once every two months  2: twice a month

Surprising though it is to me that a word can have two distinct meanings that are totally contradictory, when I use the word bimonthly in the context of the Contest, I am using it to mean once every two months.]

I intend, furthermore, to use whatever available time I have in the next few weeks to generate a desire among radio stations to compete for the opportunity to have me announce the WINNER of ALL the Prizes on the radio station that causes the most listeners to enter the Contest.  While the infrastructure for the Contest is not yet equipped for this feature, I plan to have this feature incorporated into the infrastructure as soon as possible.

This Inaugural Alive with Clive Bimonthly Contest is now scheduled to run through July 31, 2013.

To enter the Contest and be eligible to WIN ALL SIX PRIZES, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Click here to first become a Member of The Alive with Clive Global Community for free (if you are not already a Member) or log into The Alive with Clive Global Community with your unique username and password if you are already a Member; then
  2. Click on the Tab to see This Week on Alive with Clive to watch only one episode* of This Week on Alive with Clive between now and July 31; and
  3. Submit the correct answers to the five questions relating to the show you watch in accordance with the directions on the Web page for the show.

* While you will increase your chances of winning ALL SIX PRIZES if you watch more than one show and submit an entry in more than one week, or in every week between now and July 31, it is possible that the WINNER will be someone who watches only one show and submits only one entry.

Remember, This Week on Alive with Clive gives you the chance to see the world’s most talented emerging and established singer/songwriters and bands on TV – FREE!

I look forward to seeing your entries in this Inaugural Alive with Clive Bimonthly Contest each week through the end of July, 2013.

Best regards.


(914) 274-8280

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