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Hi Friends:

Here’s what’s happening in the world of Alive with Clive:

1.  Update on Crowdfunding Campaigns of Alive with Clive Alums 

  • Jess Labus

I’m delighted to see that Jess Labus has been making excellent progress with her Pledge campaign.

I just checked the latest update and see that with 22 days to go she has raised 89% of her goal.

Jess is one of the great singer-songwriters of our time, and for only $15 you can get her debut album, Mirrors, as well as her new album, I feel so close to you right now.  So if you support her campaign at, you’ll definitely be glad you did!

  • Patoirlove

While the campaign of Patoirlove (Danielle Patoir) is in it’s early stages, it could definitely do with a boost from you to give it the momentum it so richly deserves.  Danielle is an electrifying and invigorating performer with passion and dedication that is truly inspiring!  Your support will enable her to get her music out into the world where it belongs!

To see Patoirlove’s Pledge campaign and order her new record, click here.

  • Hana Zara

Hana Zara, another spellbinding and mesmerizing singer-songwriter, holds the distinction of being the current Alive with Clive MVP (Most Viewed Performer).  During the 5-week period her 1st of 2 shows was available for viewing from the Home Page of Alive with Clive, it generated 371 plays on Vimeo, and has gone on to generate a total of 404 plays so far.

Hana is now also in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for her new album, The North. 

To see Hana’s captivating and enchanting video in which she tells us about her journey of courage and willingness to go out of her comfort zone into the unknown — and to support her campaign — click here.

While Hana has already raised a good chunk of money, she sure would welcome your support too!

2.  This Week on Alive with Clive

When you combine a sound that reminds you of The Eagles, the reggae rhythm of Michael Franti from Spearhead, and a touch of Kid Rock to boot, with thoughtful lyrics, enchanting vocalists and mesmerizing moves on a slide guitar, you have the band known as The Other Shoe founded by frontman, Joseph Perricone, who was accompanied on Alive with Clive by Janet Montalbo, Maag Stanley and Dave Filloramo.

To see The Other Shoe’s 1st of 2 shows on Alive with Clive, click here.

This show has already generated 178 views on Vimeo.  Now the question is whether it has enough momentum within the next three weeks to generate an additional 200 views and displace Hana Zara as the current AWC-MVP?

The Other Shoe’s 2nd of 2 shows is featured on This Week on Alive with Clive until tomorrow at 10 p.m. Eastern.

To see this show now, click here.

3.  Upcoming Shows 

While snow has chosen to fall before, during and after times scheduled for the taping of shows on Alive with Clive over the past couple of Mondays, thankfully it hasn’t prevented the taping of the next four shows you’ll be seeing in the weeks ahead.

The first two of the next four shows feature poetic and engaging folk-rock singer-songwriter, Matt Wheeler, who heads up the band, Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart, and arranged a gig at Rockwood Music Hall on his way to Alive with Clive from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:

Matt’s 1st of 2 shows will be available on This Week on Alive with Clive on Thursday, February 5.

The next two shows after Matt’s 2nd of 2 shows will feature the sensational Dylan Charles and the Sisters Layton!

Be on the lookout for all of these shows, since you’ll definitely enjoy them!

4.  Please Like Alive with Clive on Facebook 

Slowly but surely the number of Likes of The Alive with Clive Page on Facebook has been rising, and now stands at 891.  I sooo very much would like to see that number be in excess of 1,000 asap, though, so if you haven’t yet Liked Alive with Clive on Facebook, please click here to do so now or click on this image:

And please encourage your friends to do so too, since every single Like is very much appreciated!   Thank you!

That’s all for now, folks!

Best regards.


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