The Singer-Songwriters Featured on Alive with Clive in 2016: The 1st 9 of 27

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With the passage of another year of shining the spotlight on today’s top singer-songwriters, it’s always gratifying and uplifting to review all the singer-songwriters who were seen on Alive with Clive in the previous year.

Nowadays, since singer-songwriters who appear on Alive with Clive generally — with the occasional exception — do two back-to-back shows that are shown in consecutive weeks, in 2016 27 top singer-songwriters or bands were featured on Alive with Clive.

The first nine are shown in this table:

Tim Haufe Band

Singer-songwriter, Greg Adams
Singer-songwriter, SEE
Singer-songwriter, Tom Moran
Singer-songwriter, Kirsten Maxwell
Singer-songwriter, Yaniza Doré
Singer-songwriter, Robbie Cook
Singer-songwriter, David Pollack

Shotgun Wedding

To create combined thumbnail images like the one captured from this table for posting and engagement on social media, the 27 singer-songwriters or bands featured on Alive with Clive in 2016 are being shown in three different tables with nine singer-songwriters or bands in each, and each table is in a separate Blog post.

When you scroll over the image of each singer-songwriter or band in the table in each of the three Blog posts, you’ll see the show from which the image was captured. When you click on that image, you’ll be able to see the show after you have logged in with your username and password as a Member of The Alive with Clive Global Community.

And after you land on the page with the show, you’ll see a link to the other show in which that singer-songwriter or band was featured.

The Blog posts with the links for the second and third groups of nine will be available soon.

To generate engagement with these images on social media, there is going to be a contest on Facebook. To enter the contest, all you’ll have to do is — in a comment under the post on Facebook — state the name of the singer-songwriter or band who you think received the most views for one of his or her or the band’s shows out of the nine singer-songwriters or bands shown in the image with all nine of them.

If you and at least 24 other people enter the contest by posting one of the names as a comment, you’ll be eligible to win an Alive with Clive Mug.

The New Alive with Clive Mug

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