The Top 10 Shows

Hello and Welcome:

On this page, you will find the list of The Top 10 Shows in The Alive with Clive Archives that appear on the Home Page under the main window.

This list is determined from plays of shows on Vimeo, and is updated regularly.

This list includes only shows that have been available for viewing on this Web site for more than five weeks.

To see any show on the list, simply click on the name of the show you want to see and log in with your username and password or join The Alive with Clive Global Community for free if you aren’t already a Member.

For links to the Web site of each guest, go to Past Shows.

After you watch a show below and determine the answers to the 5 questions for the show you watched, to submit your answers in the contest for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza, click here.


For more information about how your entry will cause $10 to go to a charity you support, click here.

Here are The Top 10 Shows:

Rank Singer-songwriter or band
Plays on Vimeo
1 Hana Zara, 1st of 2 Shows
2 Nana
3 The Other Shoe, 1st of 2 Shows
4 Chloe Collins
5 Annie DiRusso, 1st of 2 Shows
6 Worthy Fools
7 Mina
8 Nick Deutsch, 1st of 2 Shows
9 Phil Cohen, 1st of 2 Shows
10 Simon van Gend, 1st of 2 Shows


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