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Hi Friends:

As the time approaches for the launch of the Crowdfunding Campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza, through which I plan to raise $30,000 so I can give away $10,000 to the participating charities, I have another video to share with you.

In this video, I furnish you with the information you need to appreciate what will be available for you in the crowdfunding campaign.

As with my previous video on The Relatively-Untapped Force and the Fascinating Riddle, which you can see when you click here, this video will leave you looking at your life with a new perspective:

In the video, you’ll see that I refer to The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey.

To order The 11 Forgotten Laws, click here.

As a reminder, there is still time for additional charities to join the Extravaganza by submitting the requested information through the form at, and companies are welcome to become sponsors by going to and submitting the requested information on the form on that Web page.

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Stay tuned for the launch of the crowdfunding campaign, which will be happening very soon!

Best regards.


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