What Happened After I Hit The Grocery Jackpot at Trader Joe’s!


Hi Friends:

As you know, I officially launched The Alive with Clive Crowdfunding Campaign of 2016 (The AWC CFC16 #awccfc16) yesterday morning with the publication of the Blog post with the title, Shouldn’t We Simply Ignore Singer-Songwriters? and the formation of The Alive with Clive Upward Spiral Mastermind Group (The AWC USMG #awcusmg).

I needed to take a break after all the intense effort I’d expended to launch The AWC CFC16, so yesterday afternoon I went for a long walk . . .

First I walked along the Bronx River, then I stopped off at Trader Joe’s and Mrs. Greens, and then made my way back to my apartment via a stroll alongside Lake Isle.

From a creative, downloading-ideas-from-the-universe perspective, it was one of the most productive walks I have ever had!

Naturally, I was thinking about the launch of The AWC CFC16, the initial response it generated, and what I was going to do next to promote it so it is as successful as possible.

And, along the way, one unforgettably-remarkable thing happened:

When I went to pay for the items I purchased at Trader Joe’s, I hit the grocery jackpot, because the total was . . .


That is the first time that has ever happened to me in all my years on the planet!

Here’s the image to prove it:


I said to myself, and I told the check-out clerk, that that has to be sign that a whole lot of good is about to happen.

As I reflect on all that has occurred since, is that an understatement!

For the next several hours after that, the ideas to make The AWC CFC16 epic kept flowing – and now it is time to share them with you.

To do that in the best way I know how, I’m creating another series of four Blog posts.

I need to break up what I’m about to share with you into four Blog posts, since it will be too much for you to read and absorb in one.

And if I break it up into four Blog posts, I can turn it into a suspense-filled mystery thriller, to make it as captivating and engaging as possible. 🙂

So, starting tomorrow, please be on the lookout for the first of another series of four Blog posts that is going to transform the next couple of weeks into a most exciting and memorable time for all of us.

Best regards.

https://alivewithclive.tvcreating an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

P.S. # 1: During my walk, I remembered that I must still do the draw to determine the winner in the recent contest I created for subscribers who shared my Year(s) in Review Blog post, and I will soon be sending an email to the winner. If you’re disappointed that you didn’t enter that contest or didn’t win the prize, do not fret, since what I’ll be sharing with you in my upcoming series of four Blog posts is going to make all of us winners. It’s thus important that you see each one of them!

P.S. # 2: Since no one has yet made a contribution to The AWC CFC16, if you act now you can make history and become the first person in the world to do so and thus claim the honor of being the one to officially launch it! To join The AWC USMG and potentially qualify for the additional benefits, contribute at the $25 Level or higher. To make a contribution now, click here now.




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